ACCES Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “ACCES”) recognizes the important responsibility as a business that handles personal information of protecting the personal information of customers that use this site and everyone else that provides personal information to ACCES (hereinafter “Individual”) and, thus, has set the following personal information handling policy and, in accordance, will strive to protect personal information.

Collecting of Personal Information
When customer personal information is collected the Individual will be notified of the purpose for collecting the personal information and how it will be used in advance and the personal information will only be collected after the Individual agrees to that purpose and usage. Personal information will be appropriately controlled. Personal information will be appropriately and carefully controlled and measures taken to prevent leakage of the information. Appropriate security measures will be taken, such as storing the information in a secure environment that cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons to prevent the personal information from being lost, misused, or tampered with.

Personal Information Purpose of Use
ACCES will use the personal information for the following purposes.
The registered personal information will be used as material (statistical material from which individuals cannot be identified) to provide product information, event notifications, and services from ACCES and to improve the service of ACCES.
It will also be used to provide information about campaigns, etc., via an e-magazine and for advertising to introduce special services, new products, and new services, etc. However, this information and introductions are provided based on the agreement of the customer and thus can be ceased at the request of the customer. The personal information will also be used for marketing, customization, sales promotions, and service improvement.

Personal Information Usage Limits
ACCES may send information regarding its services to the customer via email, post, etc.
If the customer does not wish to receive this information, the customer may contact ACCES’s customer service to cease the transmission and posting of the information.

Disclosure of Personal Information
ACCES will not disclose to a third party the personal information of the registered Individual without that individual’s authorization in advance.
However, personal information may be disclosed in the following cases.
If the individual has agreed to the disclosure or sharing of the information, if a public body, such as a court or the police, requires disclosure based on proper legal proceedings, or if it is deemed that the Individual will inflict a disadvantage on a third party.

Respect for Customer Rights
If the customer requests that the registered information be disclosed, corrected, or deleted, ACCES will promptly honor that request. Further, regarding the distribution of an e-magazine from ACCES for the purpose of advertising as stated in Item 3 of “Personal Information Purpose of Use” above, the customer can select whether or not to receive the e-magazine.

Receiving of “Consultations and Complaints Regarding the Handling of Personal Information”
For consultations and complaints regarding the handling of the personal information of this service, please contact ACCES using the following contact information.
By mail: Flat Aoyama 202, 5-15-9 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
By email:

Changes to this Policy
ACCES can change this policy at any time without prior consent from the customer. When there is a change, the date of the change will be displayed at the bottom of the policy and after one month has passed since the change, all customers are deemed to have agreed to the change.

(1) ACCES will carefully create and manage all of the information published on this site but does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of that information.
(2) ACCESS may stop or interrupt the operation of this site without prior notice due to system maintenance or trouble; fire, power outage, earthquake, or other disaster; or when it is deemed necessary to temporarily interrupt the provision of the information of this site; and part or all of the information published on this site may be changed.
(3) ACCES shall in no way be held responsible for damages incurred by the customer due to use of this site, any damages suffered by the customer due to not being able to use this site for any reason, or any damages incurred due to the overwriting of data, unauthorized access, disseminations, sending of email, etc., by a third party (including damages sustained by the customer due to trouble between customers).

The trademarks (trademarks and service marks) used in this site belong to ACCES or to the right holder that has authorized use by ACCES, so these trademarks cannot be used without consent.

Copyrights, etc.
(1) All of the copyrights and other rights regarding the copyrighted material published on this site (text, photographs, videos, programs, etc.) are reserved by ACCES or the right holder that has authorized use by ACCES, so they cannot be used in excess of the scope allowed by law for personal use without consent (including reproduction, tampering, distribution, etc.).
(2) In the event that ACCES has sent an email to the customer, all of the copyrights regarding the contents of that email are reserved by ACCES and so the contents cannot be converted for another purpose or reprinted without consent.
(3) Please understand in advance that the information provided by the customer to ACCES in responses received from the customer in reply to a questionnaire or campaign conducted on this site can be freely used and reused by ACCES without notifying the customer except in regards to personal information.