JAPAN DENIM is conducting its business activities to meet all the 17 development goals of SDGs.

JAPAN DENIM, have established the materiality (key issues) that take the environment and society into consideration, and aim to realize a sustainable society through our denim business. Not only do we provide products, but we also work with local communities to "continue to create more abundant future value."

Carbon neutral
JAPAN DENIM aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% in the entire supply chain by 2030, and to achieve zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

We actively use fabrics woven with indigo-dyed yarns using an eco-dyeing system to protect the natural environment. The eco-dyeing system is an environmentally friendly dyeing method that reduces the use of cleaning chemicals and CO2 emissions by treating all wastewater from the dyeing process in accordance with The Seto Inland Sea water quality regulations, introducing a boiler system that reduces the use of heavy oil by 40% compared to conventional methods, and using room-temperature electrolyzed water.
We are working to reduce our environmental impact by installing solar panels, a renewable energy source, and switching our natural gas usage from heavy oil to clean energy. In addition, the sludge produced after wastewater treatment is bio-treated with raw garbage from the households of local residents, thereby composting the sludge and reducing sludge discharge.
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Using cotton yarn from Burkina Faso
(Africa’s impoverished country)

Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in Africa, grows cotton and by commercializing fabrics using these cotton yarns, we support farmers in Burkina Faso through the Japan-Burkina Faso Friendship Association, and contribute to the construction of local schools and wells.
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Sustainable business activities

We will contribute to society through sustainable business activities while protecting the global environment.
Our sustainable business activities include the use of pesticide-free organic cotton and recycled fibers, laser processing, low-temperature bio-processing, and ozone processing to reduce the use of water and chemicals, and the use of FSC-certified paper for tags and shopping bags.
#environmental protection #local economic revitalization #business succession #gender equality #supply chain #recycling #water usage reduction
JAPAN DENIMはSDGs全17項目の開発目標達成に向け、事業活動を行っています。